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QJ-Pro is a tool-set for static analysis of Java source code: a combination of automatic code review and automatic coding standards enforcement. The main functionality is to ensure that no errors enter the source code when it is written or modified, resulting in more reliable, maintainable, testable and portable Java programs.

The tool is based on quality attributes such as reliability, maintainability, testability and portability, that are usually defined in a so-called coding standard. QJ-Pro comes with a set of good programming practices that can be enforced automatically.

Some people mix the term coding standard with style guide. Stylistic issues such as code layout and naming conventions are just a very small part of a coding standard and usually very project specific. As coding standards are difficult to develop -- they require a lot of language expertise -- QJ-Pro has a built-in coding standard that is extended with each new release.

QJ-Pro analyzes your Java source code and outputs information about the quality. The amount and type of output depends on the settings of the tool and the quality of the source code. The tool is most effectively used in the coding phase of a project to prevent an expensive maintenance and testing effort later on in the development process.