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History of QJ-Pro


Thanks to QA-Systems, the popular and free code analyzer for Java (QStudio for Java Pro) has become an open source product under GPL License. You can start using QJ Pro immediately by downloading it. The source code is available from the CVS repository via anonymous logins. Documentation will be availabe on these pages as usual.

QA-Systems started developing QStudio for Java Pro back in 1999, the first versions of the product only contained the current Professional Edition. The Enterprise Edition became available in 2001, the idea of this version was to provide a consistent interface with reporting capabilities to the software quality process. The focus of the company has shifted towards the Enterprise product with its automated software assessment enabling capabilities and coupling it to a range of 3rd party code analyzers. For this reason QA Systems has moved its QStudio for Java Pro analyzer into the public domain.

For more information about QA-Systems and its QStudio Enterprise product, take a look at www.qa-systems.com